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About Battleview Orchards

Since 1908, Battleview Orchards farm and Country Store has been owned and operated by the Applegate Family.  The farm allows the public the opportunity to pick their own New Jersey Strawberries, Sour Cherries, New Jersey Peaches, Nectarines, New Jersey Apples, and Pumpkins.

The Country Store is open all year. It features our own Fresh Pressed Cider and our famous Apple Cider Donuts, along with quality fresh fruits and vegetables. The Country Store has a full line of freshly baked pies, breads and baked goods. Fruit and Vegetable Platters, Gift Baskets, and a large variety of gourmet items are available. Try our family recipes or join us at one of our Seasonal Events.

Battleview Orchards History Time Line

First Generation

1908 – Charles R. and Carrie Applegate purchase 130 acres to be used as a general farm. Deeded as Battleview Farm.

1928 – Charles’ son, Leslie, becomes first National President of Future Farmers of America.

Second Generation

1929 – Charles dies and his two sons, Leslie and C. Richard take over the farming. The two brothers now grow 500 acres of apples in the Wemrock Road area and sell mostly through the wholesale market.

1939 – New Jersey ranked sixth in the U.S. and Monmouth County ranked second in NJ for apple producing counties. Today there are less than 250 acres of apples and peaches grown in Monmouth County.

1945 – Difficulties arise with the brothers working relationship. Their partnership terminates and the orchards are divided. Leslie operates Battleview Orchards and C. Richard operates Wemrock Orchards.

1964 – Retailing begins in the barn that dates back to the Revolutionary War. The barn is still standing on Wemrock Road.

1965 – 100 acres of Leslie’s farm is condemned and purchased by the State of New Jersey under the Green Acres Program. The 100 acres is part of the present day Monmouth Battlefield State Park.

Third Generation

1965 – Leslie at age 50, decides to retire and sell his remaining acreage and cold storage to his son, Norman and his wife, Betty Lou.

1969 – Battleview Orchards retail market opens on Wemrock Road, down the street from the old barn. The retail market replaces an old cider mill and packing house operation. The new retail location includes state of the art packing and processing equipment.

1970 – Norman purchases additional acreage on Kinney Road expanding the operation to include peaches, strawberries, blueberries, sour cherries, and pumpkins.

1972 – Battleview Orchards becomes one of the first farms in NJ to offer “Pick Your Own” fruit. The “Pick Your Own” Membership card is created to keep in touch with the picking customers. It is still used today.

1987 – Norman sells his farmland on Kinney Road and exits the wholesale market to concentrate his efforts on the growing retail and “Pick Your Own”. Betty Lou retires from the business and leaves Norman and their son, Scott, to run the business.

1989 – Scott marries Lisa, who joins the business in 1990.

1990 – Norman divides his time between NJ and his newly planted orchard in Vermont.

1991 – School tour program is reintroduced by Lisa.

Fourth Generation

1995 – Norman sells the business to Lisa and Scott, and devotes all of his time to his Vermont orchards. (He has since fully retired and lives with Betty Lou in Georgia)

1995 – The retail market is doubled in size, expanding the produce department and installing a larger bakery area and donut area.

2002 – Scott re-introduces Strawberries to the crops grown here at Battleview. Strawberries are now grown on plastic beds and the strawberry plants are planted every year in September.

2003 – Roof collapses due to heavy snow causing total demolition of the original building. The retail market is rebuilt within five months.

2006 – The introduction of our own grown sweet corn. It was a tremendous success and is now a part of the crops we grow.

2011 – Introduction of Tomatoes. Our own crop of Jersey Tomatoes received excellent feedback and will now be an annual crop for Battleview.

Present – Scott and Lisa continue to farm and retail with the same values of previous generations, while trying to keep up with the changing times. They have three children leaving the opportunity for a fifth generation to continue farming.

We appreciate our Customers!